Seasonal Projects.


Whether for a birthday or a bit of weekend fun, Zoo on the Move is bound to have the perfect project for you.


funny bunny tea party.

Includes a 4-foot square Victorian picket fence to compliment the Velveteen Rabbit theme. No less than three bunnies per party. Bunnies and bunny treats will be provided. Bunny photoshoots will be available as well as a copy of the book "The Velveteen Rabbit" for the birthday boy or girl.




Croc's Roc - Crocodile Encounters

Wanting to WOW your guests but unsure of how to do so? "Crocs Roc -- Croc Encounters" is the perfect way...for the perfect price.

Crocs Roc will provide 2 small or 1 large Caiman Crocodile for your custom encounter. Guests will be able to hold a croc (mouth banded for safety). In addition, a life-size Mugger Crocodile skull will be present at each encounter for comparison and to educate about the power of these majestic creatures.




Roo on the Move

Let us bring the  best marketing tool and draw to your event. Zoo on the Move workers will go on location to your fair or festival and set up colorful and professional tents and signage. 

Sit back, relax, and watch the lines build for your attendees to e photographed with an adorable, trained baby kangaroo. We will collect the photo fees while you collect the business at no hassle at all. Memories will be made and fun will be had.