Preparing for a Zoo on the Move visit is crucial for a successful event.
— Ray Don Mitchell

Home & classroom prep

  • All dogs and cats must be put away for their safety and that of the visiting animals. Also, any balloons and noisemakers must please be removed from the designated presentation area. Please ensure that all who wish to touch an animal are finished eating before doing so.
  • Parents must control children (if children become out of hand the animals will be put away for their safety).
  • Parents of the children must set the tone for all other attendees and make sure all guests remain as calm as possible to keep the animals and presenter from becoming stressed.
  • We will arrive 20-30 minutes before scheduled program time.
  • All birthday programs will be indoors unless otherwise arranged. 
  • To achieve the best possible experience, we recommend that there be no more than 20 party guests. However, we are flexible and can make adjustments if needed. 

library & event prep

  • For public events & displays that are held outdoors, animals will require shaded areas with grass (preferred) or concrete (acceptable with notice).
  • From June-October, all programs are to be held indoors unless scheduled on a day with cooperative weather. i.e. 75-to-95 degrees. 
  • Certain animals will not be available for outdoor programs, and not all animals will be able to be held/petted. 
  • For outdoor events, water must be available in close proximity to our setup. 
  • Please make sure we have a fairly close place to park and quiet area for program preparation. 

travel & mileage fees

  • No driving fee for Ellis County residents and businesses. 
  • For Dallas, Highland Park, Arlington, Mesquite, and surrounding areas, $35 will be added to the overall booking cost.
  • Southlake, Frisco, Grapevine, Lewisville, and Fort Worth areas, $45 will be added to the overall booking cost.
  • Weatherford and Tyler areas will have an additional $55 will be added to the overall booking cost.
  • Locations further west than Weatherford or East of Tyler will need to contact for pricing.